Thursday, February 7, 2013

Response to Seattle Boycott

In Seattle a school called  Garfield thought about making their school stop taking the MAP test. They said that it was a waste of time for their students to take the test. Every single teacher supported the idea of actually stop taking the test. "It is important to use test results, but its also important that they do not become our oxygen." What Pat Hunter, Principal of Maple Elementary, meant with this quote is that tests are good for testing the knowledge of the students. But it can not be something that they do every single day. The teachers think that the fact that students take a test at least once a week is allready enough then taking the MAP test wich will take up time for the students to learn other subjects.

My opinion about this boycott is a bit biase due to the fact that i am a student and i hate tests. But i beleive that they should eliminate MAP tests because it is a big waste of time for learning. During MAP tests all you do is basically take a test that does not hhave any affect on the students grade, amd all it does basically ismtest your knowlegde. I beleive that the teachers of Garfield highschool have a good reason for eliminating the MAP tests because of its reasonless purpose of testing students with out having any affect on their grade. I hope that this boycott can work and take away all of the MAP tests from every single highschool.

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